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Votiva™ is a safe and comfortable treatment that can provide rejuvenation to the the external and internal vaginal health issues without the need for surgery.  This treatment offers immediate results with continued improvements over time.

Votiva™ is a Great Treatment to Help With the Following Common Feminine Health Concerns
  • Laxity and wrinkled appearance of the labia and vulva
  • Low blood flow and sensitivity
  • Pain sensation caused by labial hypertrophy
  • Level of sexual interest and self-esteem
  • Weakening of the vaginal muscles
  • Loosened vaginal canal especially after child birth
  • Urinary stress incontinence (involuntary dripping of urine)
  • Reduce dryness

Our Votiva™ Technology


Votiva It is a very simple treatment that has already helped many women. Giving birth, getting older and losing a lot of weight can all contribute to poorly supported vaginal structures, characters by sagging, laxity, and discomfort. With childbirth and aging, it typically results in the widening of the vaginal canal which contributes to decreased sensation and stimulation during sex as well as hypersensitivity, dryness and pain.

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    InMode Votiva™

    How Does Votiva™ Work?

    Votiva™ can help solve issues from aging and vaginal childbirth. It uses gentle controlled volumetric heating of tissue reduces pain, improves blood circulation and stimulates the muscle.


    The treatment uses two devices to maximize results; Forma V™ and Fractora V™ and they are used to target the the internal and external vaginal issues with almost immediate results. The two handheld devices allows for controlled movement to address specific areas of concern. It utilizes heating technology to improve the laxity of the vagina and improve  your way of life.so


    Forma V™


    FormaV™ is a versatile heating tool that can be used comfortably on both the internal and external vaginal tissues. FormaV’s™ heating technology can be used for vaginal laxity and labial hypertrophy. FormaV™ allows your Registered Nurse to provide a customized solution to your feminine health concerns.


    Fractora V™


    FractoraV™ uses deep-heating technology to improve skin tone problems through resurfacing. This tool allows for full depth heating which improves elastin and collagen. This improvement positively impacts not only a woman’s feminine health but her overall quality of life.


    Results After Vaginal Rejuvenation


    Results after Votiva™ are almost instant with the greatest results noticeable in a few weeks. As Votiva™ is a noninvasive treatment, it means a faster service with faster results for you with no downtime.


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