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Morpheus8 FaceLift

Discover the future of facial rejuvenation with Morpheus8 Facelift treatments at Bodybrite, Toronto. In a world where beauty and wellness converge, we offer a transformative solution that goes beyond the surface to unveil your inner radiance. Morpheus8 combines the latest in microneedling and radiofrequency technology to deliver unmatched results, ensuring a seamless blend of innovation and aesthetic excellence. Join us on a journey to rediscover your skin’s youthful vitality and glow with Morpheus8 Facelift at Bodybrite.

FDA Approved

Morpheus8 is FDA approved, ensuring it meets strict safety and efficacy standards.

Safe and Versatile

Safe for all skin types, Morpheus8 is a versatile treatment that can be customized to meet the unique needs of each individual.

Non-Surgical, Minimally Invasive

Utilizing microneedles to deliver energy, it's a non-surgical, minimally invasive option with less risk and downtime.

Quick Recovery

Most clients experience minimal downtime, with many returning to their regular activities within a day or two.

Innovative Technology

Morpheus8 Facelift by inmode - 50% OFF

Morpheus8 is a cutting-edge treatment that embodies the convergence of science and aesthetics. It’s an advanced microneedling device that utilizes fractional radiofrequency energy to penetrate deep into the skin, stimulating collagen production and remodeling the underlying tissues. This innovative procedure targets the foundational layers of the skin, promoting a natural healing process that rejuvenates the skin from within. Ideal for those seeking a non-surgical facelift option, Morpheus8 effectively addresses a variety of skin concerns, from fine lines and wrinkles to acne scars and skin laxity, offering a path to refined, radiant, and youthful skin.

Non-Surgical Facelift

Major Benefits of Morpheus8

Reduces Signs of Aging

Diminishes wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin for a more youthful appearance.

Improves Skin Texture

Smooths out rough textures, including acne scars and enlarged pores.

Tightens and Contours Skin

Promotes collagen production for firmer skin and a more defined facial contour.

Minimal Downtime

Offers a quick recovery compared to traditional facelift surgeries.

Customizable Treatments

Can be tailored to address specific skin concerns and achieve desired outcomes.

Long-Lasting Results

Continuous improvement in skin quality over time, with results that can last for years.

Morpheus8 Facelift

Before & After

Morpheus8 Facelift


Morpheus8 is microneedling with radio frequency with adjustable depth (up to 4 mm) fine surgical pins. At the end of these fine pins, radio frequency waves are emitted. What this means is that you get a double whammy when it comes to skin rejuvenation and tightening. The microneedles cause a controlled injury that results in formation of new collagen and elastin (the fibers responsible for skin tightening). In addition, the radio frequency wave also stimulate collagen and elastin formation. SO, you have skin rejuvenation occurring from 2 different formats!! It is a great alternative to surgery if you are not ready to undergo the knife.

By adjusting the depth of the needles, the clinician can use the Morpheus8 to come up with a customized treatment for your specific concerns. Morpheus8 can be modified to address loose skin, deep wrinkles, crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, under eye bags, smoker’s lines, crepey skin, jowls and pore size. As our skin ages, we form jowls, lose our defined jaw line, develop a double chin (or the dreaded waddle), and our neck either becomes thick or crapey/turkey-like in appearance. Morpheus8 can be used to help all these problematic areas of concern and help you regain a more youthful appearance.

Morpheus8 is not surgery and it is not a topical treatment, thus it is priced accordingly. When you come in for a consultation, a personalized plan will be discussed with you based on your specific concerns. There is special package pricing for those looking to have more than 1 Morpheus8 performed.

It takes 28 days to form new collagen. During those first 28 days, your skin will be reorganizing and remodeling deep into the subcutaneous layer of tissue. So, sit back and wait for the transformation! After just one Morpheus8 treatment, you can expect to continue to see changes in your skin for up to 3 months. Once the remodeling has occurred, you may opt for a 2nd treatment to further your improvement. Nothing will freeze you in place forever, however, it does give you a new starting point! Morpheus8 bridges the gap between surgery and topical lotions/treatments.

You can have a Morpheus8 treatment 1x/month. It takes 28 days to make new collagen. Your skin will continue to remodel for 3 months. However, you can stack treatments as close as 1 month apart and the results will compound upon each other. You can space them apart as far as you would like without any problems. Typically, a person in their 50’s and above, will have a series of 3 Morpheus8 treatments performed with each treatment spaced 6 weeks apart.

After your Morpheus8 treatment, you can expect swelling, redness and possibly some bruising as it is causing a controlled injury to get your collagen and elastin jump started again. This will last about 3-5 days. For the first 3 days, you will be instructed on what products to apply to the treated area. After 3 days, you can apply camouflage make-up. Day 4-5 you will have slightly flakey skin. After 5-7 days, your skin is looking back to normal. You can go back to work the day after the procedure, but frequently clients who work, come in on Thursday evening or Friday and recover without make-up over the weekend. By Monday, you are good to go! Those who don’t work, often have Morpheus8 performed on Monday and recover during the week so they are ready to go on the weekend!

Reviews From Our Satisfied Clients

I'm a customer of BodyBrite for almost 7 years now and the member as well so I may use this franchise locations all over the world. I 100% trust to their expertise and was never disappointed with my treatments.I've done all the services they offered within years I go there, and I'm coming back to have newly offered stuff or just for a facial. I'm doing Morfeus sessions now , and I'm supremely happy with the care I get from Ladan, and results I'm getting. This clinic is RELIABLE! Hear me here! Thank me later. 😁

I’ve been coming here for years every time I book I get so excited to get my treatments, I visited so many clinics and I realized many of them they don’t sanitize their equipments after the treatments only this clinic very luxurious, very clean, professional nurses, I’m in love with Ladan so sweet so friendly and she always welcome you with a smile . I will never change this clinic or go somewhere that’s not clean or unprofessional, this place is my happiness! I love everybody that works there I will always come here because this is the only place that makes look beautiful and happy. Thank you bodybrite for having me there

Amazing service and even better results. My friend referred me a few years ago and ever since my first treatment, I wont go anywhere else! The Hydrafacial is great and im set up for a Morpheus 8 treatment for next month! I cant wait to see the results! The prices are very fair for what they are providing. The clinic itself is always up to par and clean!

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Morpheus8 - Non-Surgical Facelift