Reshape & Look Great

Tighten Your Skin & Show It Off…

Lipolysis offers a way to reshape your body so that it can appear sleeker and healthier.


If stubborn fat deposits are proving to be nearly impossible to get rid of, this fat and cellulite reduction treatment can eliminate these problem areas like magic.


We have the highly advanced technology here at our BodyBrite Toronto medical spa to perform lipolysis with maximum accuracy and precision.

Benefits of Lipolysis
  • Non-invasive treatment
  • Short recovery time
  • Fast treatment time
  • Look and feel great

Our Lipolysis Technology


At BodyBrite Toronto, we use the most advanced state of the art laser technology that’s needed to break apart fat cells so that your body looks great and your skin tightens.


A small incision will be made in your skin so that the laser device can go underneath it to treat the specific area of your body. Laser energy will then be emitted to shrink your body fat. Lipolysis also works well in tightening the skin to reduce sagginess to make you look younger and more fit.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this treatment painful?


    Before making any incisions or emitting any laser energy, we numb the treatment area with a local anesthetic to block out any pain.


    How soon will I notice results?


    You’ll likely start to notice results immediately following your treatment. These results will look even better within a few days.


    If conventional means of losing fat aren’t working for you, lipolysis may be the right alternative.We’ll make sure that you’re given the excellent care that you deserve during your time with us.


    To learn more about lipolysis, call us today or simply fill out this form. We look forward to helping you let your beauty shine.