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Let The Beauty Of Your Face Shine…

Getting a facial can be one of the best ways to pamper yourself while improving your skin’s quality, and here at BodyBrite Toronto Medical Spa is the perfect place to go for facials. Our staff will make sure that you remain relaxed throughout your treatment so that you can enjoy the time that you get to escape from reality for a while.


A facial works great for clearing blocked pores and removing dead skin cells and other debris that can downgrade the skin’s quality. Getting a facial is also an effective way to boost your skin’s collagen levels and keep the skin better hydrated.

Benefits of Facials
  • No surgery or injections involved
  • Easy to fit into your busy schedule
  • A wide range of skin concerns can be addressed

The Process of Getting a Facial

We’ll encourage you to kick back and unwind while we go to work to make your skin look and feel its best. We’ll apply safe, hypoallergenic skincare products to your face to give you the thorough treatment that you want.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How should I prepare for a facial?

    We ask that you wash your face prior to your facial. It’s also advisable to stop using any harsh exfoliating products at least four days before your scheduled appointment.


    How long does it take to perform a facial?

    On average, a facial lasts anywhere from 50 to 75 minutes. Once your facial is complete, you’ll be able to return to your normal activities with refreshed energy without having to worry about taking time off for recovery.


    You’ll be doing the right thing for your skin when you get any of our facial treatments at BodyBrite Toronto. Please contact us today to make an appointment.